The Nova Charging Kiosk is a state-of-the-art, interactive multimedia cell phone/personal electronic device charging kiosk. Charging kiosks offer convenient rapid device charging while the user is shown a multimedia Interactive Cell Phone Charging Kioskspresentation on a monitor above the charging area about your product, company
or service.

The Nova Charging Kiosk is the only touchscreen interactive charging kiosk available for rental in the US.

The Nova Charging Kiosk is the perfect addition to a tradeshow booth or public event to garner a 5 – 15 minute captive audience while the user(s) devices charge.

Below the Nova Charging’s deck is a brandable 19” X 35.5” branding area for your company’s graphics. An optional 16” X 22.5” branding panel can be added above the monitor.

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Nova Charging Kiosk  

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